Visste du?

The Boston tea party 1773

Många engelsmän hade flyttat till drömmarnas land och det man kallade New England för att söka lyckan. De kolonialiserade och huserade men socialiserade inte mycket med the natives. Tvärtom. Back in England tyckte man att de här emigranterna skulle betala tull på varor de handlade med. Det tyckte inte de nyblivna amerikanerna och en dag var måttet rågat. Efter krav om att betala tull på en last te dumpade man istället hela lasten i Bostons hamn, som en protest mot tullreglerna. Betala tull. Inte deras cup of tea så att säga.

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3 kommentarer till Visste du?

  1. Gerald skriver:

    Yes, and part of the basis for the objection to this toll (tax) was that the Colonies had no representation in the British Parliament, so they felt that if they had no say over what laws should be implemented and how the colonies should be governed, they should not have to pay for that governance. No ”Taxation without Representation”. Something I live with everyday as an Immigrant Alien in the US… strange when you think of it. Now the person form the ”Old World” lives with what the original colonies refused to accept. Guess I am just more ”flexible” on that issue… 🙂

    • akiiami skriver:

      I’d like to hear more about your life as an immigrant alien! 🙂

      • Gerald skriver:

        Oh, I could talk your ears off with stories of my life. It has been interesting… to me anyway…
        it has involved clandestine maneuvers in the dark, aimless wanderings, illegal immigration, Hollywood parties, work, work, work, Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, guns to the face, police brutality, big buildings dropping on my head, Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, Wall Street banking, Big computer systems and the realization that Rudoplh Steiner, Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet, quick thinking and a lot of travel can teach you more than any American University. Now that I think about it, my life seems like it’s been a bit crazy but yet, I never felt it was and I still feel that I have a pretty quiet life but I also have been directly involved in some major events… weird. Well, I have this website (actually I have a few) and I guess I should actually write (blog) and share (or at least express my meandering mind a bit). Who knows, I might have an audience (of more than one). 🙂


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